Surviving in Covid times

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2″, the God Plague, or the Doom and Gloom Flu , what ever you want to refer to it as, is causing absolute hell the world over.

Is it the great plague to wipe out humanity and free the Earth from us low life humans who have lost respect for good old mother earth?

Is it the wrath of God aimed at all those non religious types that aren’t joining holy wars and slaughtering each other enough so he had to step in to fill the quotas?

Is it the man-made super virus design to be more of a weapon targeting the mighty among us, to weaken nations before the main attack and World War III begins?

Maybe it a virus aimed at the weak and the poor so the wealthy can control and own even more of the wealth without having to waste any of it on unhealthy people, poverty, lower end population? The rich get richer, the poor and sick are just a nuisance!?

We will probably never know the truth, and to be honest most people couldn’t handle the truth, or would simply hide from it anyway.

Anyway the main reason for this post is more to do with the local effects from the local governments and communities regarding the dreaded COVID19 epidemic and its effect on the normal everyday people and communities and me!

Read on, if so inclined, but heed the warnings, of Truth, Straight Thinking, Straight Talking, and the Ozi Way.

Then we need to maintain “self isolation” if you or any one around you, or anyone around them, etc etc etc, has either been in contact with someone infected with COVID19 or has any flu like symptoms.

We have been advised to follow “social distancing” guideline if your fit and well.

And remember, “we can all get through this together !” ; It would have to be the most cringe worthy and pathetic sayings, they could come up with while the government and nations go into full blown PANIC.

Anyway back to the subject at hand. Isolation, forced isolation in some cases.

So all of us responsible people wrap ourselves in toilet paper and run home to double bolt the doors and windows to ensure the big bad bug don’t get us.

We sit here and simply wait it out for 30, 60, 90 days, maybe 6 to 12 months or more and ‘normality’ may return.

Everybody’s safe now!?

The first few days, or weeks, are okay, while we relax in front of the T.V. or YouTube etc and we can sort out that closet, shed, or junk room that we kept meaning to do for the last 12 months.

We nip out to the shops to ensure we have the basic needs to survive for a week or so, like 60 rolls of toilet paper, half a dozen large bottles of hand wash, 12 packs of napkins and at least 3 to 6 disinfectants of the strongest types. Then we can get minor things like bread and milk etc. This should get us through till next week at least.

Then we go home again and be safe!

A couple of weeks go by, and we start to notice how much absolute shit is on T.V. and Foxtel etc. and how that none of the big plans we had while in isolation has been completed because at the end of the day, who really gives a fuck, and tomorrow is just going to be another long drawn out bullshit day also as everyday is now.

We can try and catch up with “friend” on Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever other platform people use to catch up with “Friends”. A good proportion of these friends are people we rarely actually catch up with in person so its not really that different. We can still send silly selfies and photo-shopped pics showing our wonderful daily lives . We can also get onto various social media sites and whinge, moan and complain about everyone, because now we are forced to hide behind a keyboard.

We can try and call out to real friends and family, ie the ones we actually care about and use to see in the real would, the ones that we use to “pop around” and say “Gedday”. Maybe have a beer or coffee, and a bit of chat.

Well???? Maybe not…..

In the odd case where they don’t bullshit their way out of it then you of course have to keep that 1.5 metres apart, wash hands every 30 seconds, and treat each other like we have the plague. Do the COVID Shuffle if anyone moves, while trying to maintain that awkward smile and smittance of self dignity, while quietly grabbing the disinfectant and wipes in preparation to wipe all those contaminated areas that may have been breathed on.

It won’t last forever and “we can all get through this together !” – AAaaaarrrrffggggghh!

Okay, so rather than fight against COVID Caused Callamity, lets be good and stay at home with our loving family, partners, friend or self!

Weeks turn into months and the all contrary to initial statements by our dictator and their minions, we’re still restricted and fucked up by them. No relief or thought gone into the well being of those that have suffered and lost so much over the 2020 period but yet more restrictions and hardship are brought in to make many suffer even more.

The fear and panic ridden being pushed on to to all regular persons of the community under the guise of Covid, and the fear mongering pushed by the news and political outlets to ensure that normality remains well away from the population for as long as possible.

Politicians in general are basking in the extra power and control they have force upon the general population. Police and security can now ignore the minor problems of modern society like crime, security and personal safety and now focus on the far more important issues of revenue raising, and fighting those that disobey the dictators rules. The crimes of these times are serious offenses like, not wearing a mask, for going outside, for walking your dog or catching up with friends; far more serious that the rampant drug crimes, violence and insecurities now plaguing many areas of Australia.

The government have destroyed thousands of businesses and put countless thousands of people out of work, and yet don’t give a shit. They happily get on television as often as they can and pat themselves on the back while introduce even more rules in their agenda to remove freedom and personal choice from a once proud nation, under the politically motivated agenda of control and power.

Freedom, as once known in parts of Australia, is a thing that is long gone, and unfortunately is not likely to change in the coming years, if ever.

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