Corona testing and “Getting the JAB”

Just listened to one of the 20 odd corona news updates for the day and it was carrying on about the number of tests for covid being down. They carried on like this is going to cause the extermination of 100’s, if not 1000’s of people.

I would think that the only reason a person should have a medical test is if they have reason to have it. Why get tested if you have no sysmptoms, and haven’t been in the “Hot Spots” etc. The mere thought of gathering around 100’s of people at a testing site, some of whom have legitimate reasons to be tested, and being in the mix would be an idle situation for viruses to spread.

For example: if a person is tested today, and gets the green light, and then after this test he bumps into one of “the infected” and by what ever means becomes “an Infected”, then what happens then? He goes home, gives his Wife and kids a big kiss and hugs and share the grand news that he has been granted the perceived rights of “the Unaffected” and goes on his merry way.

During the coming weeks he catches up with his mates, relatives, workers etc passing on his new aquired passenger through his day to day survival. He’s feeling okay, a little bit of sniffels but its cold weather so all good.

In the mean time all these people have been infected, if you believe all the glorified and horror stories that the politicians and news presenters are forcing on you.

Theres an outbreak! Lucky this fella was tested a week or so ago and the test was negative so he’s okay. No point getting tested again for 3 months or more.!?

In the meantime there’s another character in the story.

Due to the crowds, waiting times and limited hours for these socalled “Covid Testing Sites”, a person who may be in a country town or the outer edges of the bigger cities has been feeling crap, and knows that due to his work etc he has to move around a bit and comes into contact with lots of people from all over. He’s been listening to all these horror reports and stories being swamped all over the media and so want to make sure that this cold like flu sysptoms he has is nothing more.

He rings the local medical clinic and asks about being tested.

“We don’t do that here at the clinic, you need to go to one of the Testing sites. Theres one up the road so give them a go. They are closed at the moment but should be back again in a week or so” !?

By the way this is what recently happened to a person I know who tried to get tested. The testing site only operates on certain days at certain times.

Anyway the story continues.

This person fortunately didn’t have Covid and simply had “a touch of the Flu”. It was enough for him to decide against his better judgement to join the live testing program and “Get the JAB”.

He rings his local medical clinic and states he wants to book an appointment with his GP to discuss and organise “THE JAB”.

“No problem, we’ll make a booking. ” “How about Tuesday 2nd of November at 10:15?”

That’s near 7 weeks away, but is the earliest he can see his doctor.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll catch up later.”

The only option left is to go to the nearest JAB centre, which, in his case, is 30+ km away and blindly get the unknown injected into him from a person who knows nothing of his medical history, and HOPE that whatever they give him, doesn’t react to his underlying medical concerns. The risk is too high for the limited reward.

Again, true story!

The point is, that the powers to be all like to state how over run they are, and the limited resources etc. , then tell everyone to go out immediately and be tested, or jabbed etc. Like good little sheep, some people do, and over run that available resources causing delays and in some cases complete lack of treatment and testing for those that could possibly benefit by it.

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