The joys of Isolation with Covid19 world.

ie: Maintaining Sanity in a Fucked Up World!

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2″, the God Plague, or the Doom and Gloom Flu , what ever you want to refer to it as, is causing absolute hell the world over.

Is it the great plague to wipe out humanity and free the Earth from us low life humans who have lost respect for good old mother earth?

Is it the wrath of God aimed at all those non religious types that aren’t joining holy wars and slaughtering each other enough so he had to step in to fill the quotas?

Is it the man-made super virus design to be more of a weapon targeting the mighty among us, to weaken nations before the main attack and World War III begins?

Maybe it a virus aimed at the weak and the poor so the wealthy can control and own even more of the wealth without having to waste any of it on unhealthy people, poverty, lower end population? The rich get richer, the poor and sick are just a nuisance!?

We will probably never know the truth, and to be honest most people couldn’t handle the truth, or would simply hide from it anyway.

Anyway the main reason for this post is more to do with the local effects from the local governments and communities regarding the dreaded COVID19 epidemic and its effect on the normal everyday people and communities and me!

Read on, if so inclined, but heed the warnings, of Truth, Straight Thinking, Straight Talking, and the Ozi Way.

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